in Varanasi

I am a Norwegian citizen and a recent graduate from the Dept. of International Law and Human Rights at UPEACE in Costa Rica. In addition to my home country and current location, my schooling experience includes the United States and Thailand.

Human Rights Education is a new field of study for me; however, after familiarizing myself with peace education in general, and participating in a three-week course on HRE together with mainly educators attending the UPEACE Peace Education Masters Programme, I am increasingly comfortable with my contribution to the Hyderabad Project.

I have not myself lived in India, though my travels around the Asian continent include a few-weeks internship with a NGO in Kolkata, India.

I plan to participate in a course on Sustainable Development at UPEACE in February, in order to expand my knowledge of the issues we are concerned with.

I greatly appreciate this opportunity to participate in such an endeavor, and looking forward to many discussions and great collaboration both online and in person.

my best wishes,

Tina Maria Saeteraas Stoum

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