Welcome to the Hyderabad Project

This is an interactive space where a variety of contributors come together to create a human rights education (HRE) training-manual for teachers, as well as a HRE curriculum and educational materials for the Montfort Social Institute (MSI) in Hyderabad, India.

The Montfort Social Institute will be a resource centre to train and promote issues of sustainable development and human rights. The MSI is an institution within the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, the latter which has established some 160 formal and non-formal educational centres throughout India. It is one of the objectives of the MSI to create a centre where teachers at the second level of education can come to receive an education in human rights and sustainable development, and are given materials to incorporate these in their teaching when they return to their respective schools. It is anticipated that the former value/civic classes be adjusted/adapted to an integrated human rights and sustainable development 'lens.'

The main responsibility lies on the Director of the MSI and the Coordinator of this project, the former located in Hyderabad, the latter at the United Nations Mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) in Costa Rica. The Coordinator will begin research in September 2008 with the assistance of the UPEACE International Law and Human Rights Department, the Department of Peace Education, the organization Earth Charter, as well as other contributors.

During the stay at UPEACE, the Coordinator will with the information from the contributors create a training-manual to be tried out on a pilot-group upon arrival in India. This group will preferably consist of teachers, professors, and other professionals with connection or experience close to those of the secondary teachers. It is anticipated that future trainers will emerge from this training.

After one year in Costa Rica, the Coordinator will go on to India to continue the work within a working group of human rights activists and professionals, and with the start-up and feedback from the pilot-group, a HRE training manual will be created. The manual will be followed by a ‘HRE pack’ given to the teachers when they arrive at the training.

As for now it is envisioned that the teacher-training/workshop will be conducted over 3-5 days, with a maximum of 15-20 teachers and at least 2-3 trainers per group. The training must be conducted at a rented location prior to the finished construction of the MSI building. Due to these logistical uncertainties, these matters will be discussed at a later point in time.

On beforehand, we would like to thank the contributors for their support and involvement, and we hope that this relatively new method of online-collaboration may bring about thoroughly work and communication among the participants.

Yours truly,

Varghese Theckanath S.G.

Tina Maria Saeteraas Stoum

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